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Jacksonville FL Best Friend PicturesSo, I had this crazy idea not too long ago, about how children between the ages of 10-14 really don’t have a lot of portraits (outside of the necessary, boring school photos) of themselves. Girls especially, are battling self-confidence issues and I want to help fight that battle against negativity. I brought these girls out to a little hidden location and had a photo shoot with them. These were all best friends, of course . . . but along with a few group shots, I also captured individual shots of them, showing off their personality, along with a bit of finishing touches in editing software . . . there is minimal retouching on the girls – a little dab of teeth whitening, some under-eye shadows lessened . . . acne removed, if any . . . and there you go. I’m not tucking chins, thinning arms and waistlines. These girls are beautiful, and they should be celebrated. In fact, I ask moms not to put any makeup on them, unless it’s a tad of mascara or lip gloss, but even that isn’t necessary.

Wehner School of Dance Modern Kids Portraits

These girls know each other from Wehner’s School of Dance and the Arts and have been best friends for years – as in, before they even started school – and now the oldest is in 7th grade; while the others are in 5-6 grades. I love being able to celebrate friendships like this.

Children-Kids-Friendship-PicturesIf you’d like your Tween (typically between the ages of 10-14, but can be younger) to participate in a fun photo session like this one, please reach out by either calling me at 904.868.0732 or by filling out this contact form (or the one above you that mentions pricing and contact on the menu bar). These sessions are special and will be $150 for one girl. Her BFF is welcome to come along and be in a few as well, and keep her company but this session is for ONE person. I do also offer “birthday sessions” for a fun twist on tween birthday parties. 🙂



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