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Your Road Map to Fabulous Newborn Photography

You want fabulous photos of your precious newborn!Jacksonville Florida Newborn Photographer

That’s certainly easy to understand. It’s one of the few things you’ll have left to help remind you just how tiny he or she was just days after birth.

Unfortunately, there’s about a bajillion newborn photographers out there for you to pick from. It’s simply overwhelming.

Should you hire me? Maybe. Follow the steps to learn how to decide if I’m the newborn photographer for you and what to expect during the process.


1: Do you like my work?

Take a look at my portfolio galleries, and browse through some full newborn galleries, and spend some time exploring our site.

I offer lifestyle where I come to your home. My heart lies with capturing how you and your new family truly live, in your own home. But just in case you prefer the sleepy-time posed images better, also offer posed in-studio sessions. I’ve had special training and mentoring both, and I’m more than able to offer you either option.

If you like what you see and think my style is a good match for you, continue to Step 2.

Check-yes-noIf not, that’s okay. I wish you the best in your growing family and encourage you to keep searching for a photographer whose style is more to your liking, as you definitely want to love your newborn’s first photos for years to come!


2: Tell us about yourself.

I’m glad you like my work! Now I need to hear from you. Hop on over to our Contact Form and send me a message!

I’ll respond as quick as I can to let you know if I’m available around your Estimated Due Date, and send you my entire pricing guide to look over.


3: Meet over coffee.Jacksonville Newborn Photographer

I am located in Fleming Island, FL and would love to get together to show you the lovely albums and canvas the studio offers and talk more about you and your family.

We’ll discuss more specifically about what type of session you’re looking for (either posed, lifestyle, or a healthy mix of both) and make sure you have exactly what you are looking for with your newborn photography.

If you can’t make it to Fleming Island, we can connect over the phone instead.


4: Decide to work with us!

You won’t regret it. I’m fun, knowledgeable, and I go the extra mile to make sure your newborn photography is amazing.


5: Fill out the contract and send it in with the retainer fee.

I only accept a limited number of newborns each month in order to give each and every client the time and customized experience they deserve. Because of this, I don’t hold a spot on my calendar until your contract has been signed and retainer fee paid, so take care of this right away.

Saint Augustine Lifestyle Newborn PhotographerOnce we have those two things, you’re officially booked!

Now wasn’t that easy?

If you still have questions, drop the studio a message and I’ll be glad to help in any way I can. I love my clients and limit the number that we take each month in order to be able to serve you really well and not get too swamped.